Teleport to an empty square that is a maximum of 2 cd (chessboard distance) away.


Axe taunts the enemy to fight, forcing their next move to capture a piece.

Dragon Knight

Allows Dragon Knight to fly over objects. Dragon Knight cannot capture pieces in this form.


Sends a catastrophic ray of fierce energy from the sun towards any empty location, incinerating any unit standing beneath it once it reaches the earth. Invoker can control the delay after which the sun strike will land using his other abilities. 

DELAY (in number of enemy turns)
Min: 1
Max: 4


Sacrifice any one of your pawns for the greater good. Lich will also move to the pawn's position if the ability is in autocast mode.


On death of his comrades, Lycan transforms into something greater.
When Lycan is a bishop or a knight, he transforms into a rook when an allied rook falls.
When Lycan is a rook, he gains the power of queens when an allied queen falls.

Nature's Prophet

Allows Nature's Prophet to teleport to any empty square. Teleportation takes 1 ply (half-move) to complete.

Outworld Destroyer

Places a target unit within 2 cd (chessboard distance) into an astral prison. The imprisoned unit is invulnerable and disabled.

EFFECT DURATION (in half-moves)
Allies: 7
Enemies: 6


Launches a bloody hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Pudge. The hook can only be launched horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend gathers his captured souls to release them as lines of demonic energy, causing enemy units neighbouring him to be feared 1 square away if possible.


Capture a piece according to normal capturing rules but without moving if the target is within 2 cd (chessboard distance).


On death, undying rests in his tomb, ready to rise up when the ground above becomes abandoned.

Vengeful Spirit

Instantaneously swaps positions with any piece within 2 cd (chessboard distance). Allied pawns can't be swapped forward if they will end up ≤ 1 square away from promotion.


Weaver targets any piece within 3 cd (chessboard distance) sending it backwards through time to the position it was in 3 moves ago (i.e. 6 half moves ago for allies and 5 half moves ago for enemies).